AutoCAD 2005 (19) March 2004

AutoCAD 2005

The Evolution of Design Technology
As design evolves, so does design technology. The AutoCAD 2005 platform represents new heights of productivity, not just in terms of speed and power. But also in terms of more effective ways of managing the project information that is encapsulated in your final documentation.

The New Standard in CAD Productivity
A new standard in CAD productivity began with the AutoCAD® 2004 platform, giving users measurable efficiency gains, like 52 percent smaller file sizes and up to 70 percent increased productivity.* AutoCAD 2005 and product based on AutoCAD 2005 build on the speed and power of the 2004 platform with new tools like the Sheet Set Manager that move beyond single drawing productivity to include the efficient creation, management, and sharing of entire sets of related drawings.

From Single Drawings to Entire Sets of Related Drawings
Design projects can require hundreds or even thousands of drawing files. And each file can have multiple layouts depicting different views or scales of project data. Manually managing sheet sets using a file or folder structure on a local disk drive or network server is time-consuming and error prone. Introducing the Sheet Set Manager for AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based software. It expands beyond single drawing productivity to the efficient creation, management, and sharing of entire sets of related drawings. How does it work? You can use the Sheet Set Manager to

Easily collate drawing sheets into logical sets and subsets that you can define by company, project, or other industry standards
Quickly assemble sheet sets using existing drawings, propagate sheet standards over multiple projects, and provide simultaneous access to sheet sets within your local area network
Simply add or remove sheets from a sheet set or any subset by using the Sheet Set Manager tool palette or the context-sensitive menu

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