AutoCAD 2000i (16) July 2000

AutoCAD 2000i, the Internet edition of Autodesk’s flagship product, is the technology foundation for design solutions serving the building design, communications, government, utilities, land development, and manufacturing industries. New capabilities within AutoCAD 2000i improve communication and collaboration throughout the customer’s organization—design clients, suppliers, vendors, and other project team members. These capabilities include publishing design data on the Web, hosting online meetings, accessing design information from the worldwide design community, and dragging content from manufacturers’ websites and dropping it into drawings.

Drawing Productivity
Speed & Performance
Internet-Driven Design
Assistance and Usability
Many User Requested Features (F3) such as:
· Freeze Layer by Viewport back in the Layer dropdown
· Double click edit of objects
· Restored the old single text behavior (-TEXT)
· Clear grips with a single escape
· Trim to objects within blocks
· Fillet and Chamfer multiple polylines
· Persistent expand and collapse list in the Object Properties Manager "OPM"
· Added the PICKADD and Select Objects to the OPM
· Added Closeall
· Enhanced RECTANG command
· Change Fillet Radius without Exiting Fillet Command
· Reinforced Audit and Recover
· Quick Select is now quicker
· Plot Merged Lines in most plot device drivers
· True Color plot styles
· Plot device and paper size filtering
· Added a generic HPGL mode for legacy HPGL based plot devices
· Added Layer States to core product.
· Multi processor support
· eTransmit which is Pack & Go on steroids!
· 100% binary compatibility such as customization and DWG.
· Added and enhanced iX Internet features
· Changed the UCS icon
· New File Open and navigation dialog
· Added the ability to Live Update the product
· Changed the Help system to HTML and included natural language query.
· Added a Z axis lock in 3D Orbit
· Enhanced scale entry in the Viewport Toolbar
· The installation is now MSI based not Installshield

Sample drawing by AutoCAD 2000i