AutoCAD Version 2.6 (Release 8) April 1987

AutoCAD Version 2.6 (Release 8) April 1987

New feature :

The ZOOM, PAN, VIEW, and REDRAW commands allowed to be used transparently.
X/Y/Z point filtering added.
The AREA command was enhanced to compute the area of specified circles and Polylines, and to keep running totals.
You can now configure a default plot filename, a spooling directory for plot files, a directory for AutoCAD temporary files, and a unique network node name.

New ACADXMEM environment variable for extended memory control added (on DOS systems only).

Handling of the \ character in menu items revised to better cope with transparent commands.

Associative dimensioning added.

The DIMZIN dimensioning variable was enhanced.

A general dimensioning suffix facility was added.

A fractional mode added to the UNITS command.

3D Line and 3D Face entities added (3D Level 2).

The FILMROLL command added for production of files to be rendered by AutoShade.

AutoLISP Enhancements

An append mode supported when opening files.
The (rtos) function modified to use the setting of Dimzin.
3D points now handled.
New user input functions (getkword), (getcorner), and (initget) added