AutoCAD will now create a new drawing file named drawing1.dwg.

AutoCAD will default to 'model space'. For now it is sufficient to say that model space is the blank space where all the drawing is carried out. Paperspace (now called Layout space since AutoCAD 2000) isn't really required until we are ready to plot (print) the drawing.


There are many toolbars available in AutoCAD. Go to View > Toolbars from the drop down menu to see them all. For now make sure that the following toolbars are checked:

Draw - Contains AutoCADs most common drawing tools

Modify - Contains all of the common editing commands such as erase, copy etc.

Object Properties - Contains 'layer' information as well as object colours and line style options. (Covered Later).

Standard Toolbar - Contains open & save options as well as zoom & pan options.

Object Snap - AutoCAD's intelligent drawing aid - joins lines at specific points. (Covered later).